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CDBA 2021 Speakers List

In general, we have scheduled speakers to discuss topics that are relevant to the time of the year; however, some speakers were scheduled based on availability.

We typically do not have meetings in July and August. This year, Dr. Medhat Nasr asked to speak in August so that we can better prepare our bees for winter.

Other speakers include well-known researchers such as Dr. Tom Seeley and Dr. Samuel Ramsey and our own members Ron Miksha and Neil Bertram. We will hear from a wide range of experts and researchers and end the year in December with Cassie Cichorz and Paul van Westendorp who will speak to us about the Asian Giant Hornet. On May 12, our provincial apiculturist, Samantha Muirhead, will update us on Pest Management in Alberta.

2021 CDBA Speakers
Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 13 Scott Debnam Heater Bees
Jan. 27 Mike Palmer
Feb. 10 Randy Oliver Reading the comb
Feb. 24 Julia Mahood Game of Drones
Mar. 10 Tom Seeley The Bee Colony as a Honey Factory
Mar. 24 Samuel Ramsey Honeybee Pests
April. 7 Neil Bertram Nucs
May. 12 Sam Muirhead Pest Management
May. 26 Michael Zabrodski AFB
June. 8 Randy Oliver Managing Colonies for Spring Buildup and Swarm Prevention
June. 16 Patricia Wolf-Viega Bee Diagnostics – Sampling/Testing for Pathogens
June. 23 Tom Nolan Pest Management and the use of Formic Acid
June. 30 Ron Miksha Native Bee Research
Aug. 25 Medhat Nasr Fall/Winter Management
Sept. 8 Shelley Hoover Feeding and Current Research
Oct. 13 Simon Lalonde A Year in the Life of a Beekeeper
Nov. 10 Elizabeth Walsh Update on Summer Research
Dec. 8 Cassie Cichorz

Paul van Westendorp

Asian Giant Hornet (update from Washington State)