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CDBA 2022 Speakers Series

Take your beekeeping skills to the next level with the Calgary and District Beekeepers 2022 Speakers Series.

We have arranged for 15 research scientists, regulatory experts and beekeepers to give engaging and informative lectures that you can attend from the comfort of your home. Over the next 12 months, hear from speakers like Randy Oliver, Liz Walsh, Tom Seeley, Andony Melathopoulos, Rob Currie, Medhat Nasr and Ron Miksha. They will help you better understand swarming behaviour, what, when and how much to feed your bees, how to increase honey production and how to keep your bees healthy.

This Speakers Series is available to members of the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association as part of your membership fee of $25/year (CDBA Memberships). Presentations will be recorded and are available to members to review whenever you like.

2022 CDBA Speakers
Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 12 Jennifer Lawlor City of Calgary City of Calgary Bylaw Update
Jan. 12 Ron Miksha University of Calgary Cautious Spring Feeding:  What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Feb. 8 Dr.Robert Currie University of Manitoba Improving Feed Quality in Honeybees
Feb. 8 Samantha Muirhead Alberta Provincial Apiculturist Provincial Apiculturist Update
Mar. 9 Neil Bertram Bertram Honey Ltd. How to Increase Honey Production
Annual General Meeting
Apr. 13 Dr. Thomas Seeley Cornell University How a Swarm moves to its chosen site
Apr. 13 Dr. Andony Melathopoulos University of Oregon Is Your Comb Drawing you Down?
May 11 Randy Oliver Scientific Beekeeping / West Coast Bees Practical Varroa Management
June 8 Glyn Stevens Revival Queen Bees Queen Rearing
Sept. 7 Dr. Renata Borba Alberta Beekeepers Commission (Tech Team Lead) Preparing for Winter
Oct. 12 Etienne Tardif North of 60 Beekeeping Preparing for Winter
Nov. 9 Dr. Elizabeth Walsh Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Update
Nov. 9 Courtney McInnis Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Nosema and Lotmaria Passim
Dec. 14 Reece Chandler Scandia Honey Company A Year in the Life of a Beekeeper