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CDBA 2023 Speakers Series

Take your beekeeping skills to the next level with the Calgary and District Beekeepers 2023 Speakers Series.

We have arranged for research scientists, regulatory experts and beekeepers to give engaging and informative lectures that you can attend from the comfort of your home.

This Speakers Series is available to members of the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association as part of your membership fee of $25/year (CDBA Memberships). Presentations will be recorded and are available to members to review whenever you like.


2023 CDBA Speakers
Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 11 Dr. Olav Rueppell University of Alberta Cell size – Egg size – Bee size
Feb. 8 Dr. Lanie Bilodeau USDA Varroa Sensitive Hygiene breeding and research
Mar. 8 John Moerschbacher Calgary Beekeeper Spring Management
Apr. 12 Dr. Juliana Rangel Assoc. Professor of Apiculture Queen Supercedure