What We Do

The focus of the association is beekeeping in southern Alberta and Calgary in particular. The club hosts both formal meetings with an information focus in a meeting facility, the less formal "Bees & Beers" at the Forest Lawn Legion and seasonal events such as our summer Bar-Bee-Q.

We organize group/club buys of nucs, bee supplies and inform you of upcoming courses, seminars and other special events.


Whether you are a long-time beekeeper or find yourself bee-less in Calgary, you are welcome to join our club and attend our events.


Send us an email telling us about your swarm:

  • Include your phone or email
  • The location of the swarm (street address)
  • How high up it is, etc.

Horticulture: Bees and Trees and Flowers - How you can help the bees

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Residential Beekeeping: Best-practice guidelines for nuisance-free beekeeping in Oregon

This publication outlines guidelines for best practices for beekeeping in residential areas. It outlines the steps residential beekeepers can take to operate their bees in nuisance-free manner.

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Autumn 2018 Beginner's Beekeeping Course

November 4 & 5, 2018

This course covers topics that you need to know to start beekeeping

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Chestermere Fair

Sept 8th, 2018

Chestermere Recreation Centre

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General Meeting

Sept 12, 2018
Forest Lawn Legion

Former President Bert Blouin will be speaking about fall management in his presentation “Preparing your hives for Winter.”

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United Beekeepers of Alberta Conference

Saturday Sept. 29, 2018

For details and registration, please visit http://www.albertabeekeepers.com/

The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress

Montréal, September 8 to 12, 2019

APIMONDIA is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of information and discussions where beekeepers, scientists, honey-traders, agents for development, technicians and legislators meet to listen, discuss and learn from one another.

The Congress will cover a broad spectrum of beekeeping and apicultural sciences... a showcase of world-wide advancements in the science of apiculture.