Volunteering & Mentoring

Volunteer Opportunities for CDBA members

Extractor demo
Extractor demo

One of the best ways to learn about bees is to work with beekeepers with years of experience and one of the club’s many events. Here are a few of the volunteer opportunities.
You must be a member to participate.

Social events: 

  • Summer BBQ and/or  Potluck (June, July or August)
  • Winter Potluck and honey competition (January)


  • Greeter at meetings

Agricultural Fairs Exhibitions: 

  • The club presents booths at 5 events each year.
  • Aggie Days – April
  • Youth Science Fair – April
  • Calgary Stampede – July
  • Millarville Fair – August
  • Chestermere Fall Fair – September

Community & School presentations:

  • Nosema Testing
  • Honey Competition Judge
  • Mentoring program – matching experience beekeepers with those wishing
  • mentoring assistance
  • Swarm Recovery (previous beekeeping experience and membership is required)
  • Bee purchase / distribution helper
  • Website management and maintenance



One on one mentoring

The association supports mentoring opportunities for beekeepers at all levels. Here are some of our programs included in your membership.

  • Saturday at the Hive – Beekeepers with over 5 years of experience conduct tours of their apiaries and answer your beekeeping questions.
  • One-on-one mentoring – Experienced beekeepers offer help to new members.
  • Discussion Group – Questions posed by all members are answered and discussed via our online discussion group.
  • Monthly educational meetings – Presentations by expert on beekeeping activities that are relevant to the specific time of the year.
Monthly club meeting
Monthly club meeting
Saturday at the Hive demo sessions
Saturday at the Hive demo sessions
Saturday at the Hive demo sessions
Saturday at the Hive demo sessions

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