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Robert Watson: Nucleus (Nucs) – Honey Bees for Sale

Robert Watson, Calgary, Alberta (best way to reach me is by email)
Phone (cell) 403-966-8725

Our 4 deep frame Nuc colonies with laying Kona (Italian), and Italian lineage breed of Queens are great for getting your Beekeeping season off to a strong start and resulting colonies are excellently suited for Alberta ‘s cold over-wintering months. Nucs are great way to get started because the colony tends to be more established and usually stronger than what a Package of bees typically may be (Package Bees travel long Distances and are often stressed by the Long Trans-Atlantic journey). Nucs come pre-Treated for Varroa, Nosema, and AFB and are ready for installation. Orders typically are ready for Pickup Late May/early June (weather dependant). I have an excellent record of providing quality and highly productive Honeybees to members of the CDBA, and a CDBA member in good standing, and am a beekeeping Veteran.

We are located out of Calgary, all Bees are locally raised Prairie Alberta Honeybees.

Your Nuc order includes:

  • 4 deep frame Nuc box with
  • 1 actively laying Kona Queen (all the way from Hawaii)
  • 2 Kg (approximately) or more of bees (3 to 5 lbs of bees)
  • 2 strong deep frames of brood and young larvae (all stages) covered with Bees.
  • 2 strong deep frames of feed(Honey) and Pollen covered with Bees.

Now accepting orders for standard 4 deep frame Nucs for Spring Delivery ($345 per nuc).  There is only a limited supply of Nucs so place your order(s) early to ensure that your order will be filled.

Please email me if you’re interested in Honey Bee Nucs this Season 

Robert Watson
403-966-8725 (cell)

show until: December 31, 2022