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2023 Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

2022 Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

2021 Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

2020 Purchasing Honey Bees or Equipment in Alberta

2017  Alberta Provincial Apiculturist Annual Report

—Dr. Medhat Nasr, Alberta Provincial Apiculturist

The Provincial Apiculturist Report is very informative and states an Average Winter Mortality of 28.8% for last winter (2016-2017). Comments about the winter mortality are provided in Section C of the report. It also provides statistics about the beekeeping industry in Alberta and bee pests and disease inspections.
2017 Provincial Apiculturist Annual Report December  (PDF, 276KB)

Bad Beekeeping Blog – Ron Miksha

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Center (HBRC)

The Honey Bee Research Centre (HBRC) under the direction of Dr Ernesto Guzman along with Apiary Manager Paul Kelly, work together to offer honey bee education to a wide variety of students from both the University of Guelph and enthusiastic beekeepers. The HBRC has an extensive library of videos from getting started, to pest management, splitting hives, queen rearing and beyond.

BEE-L is for open, informed discussion about both wild and domestic bees and beekeeping by scientists and laymen.  The server maintains a searchable archive of discussions on a wide variety of fact and opinion in archives going back into the 1990s. Anyone is welcome to read or join.

The Strathcona Beekeeper’s Library has resources for basic, advanced and natural beekeeping.


A YEAR of Beekeeping Under the Arch
—Bill Turner, January 2011

Understanding honeybees
—An Introduction

Basic Beekeeping
—Penn State

Beekeeping for Beginners
—Alberta Agriculture

What you should know about bees
—North Carolina Outline checklist

Bee Disease & Treatment

Bee Health App for Smart Phones

Available from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, this app is intended to help you with on-the-spot pest and disease diagnosis and treatment options. It’s free and available for Android and iPhone.

Please go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store and search for bee health app. It is already there and can be down loaded.



Notices: Small Hive Beetle

Quarantine Area In The Peace River Region Established For Small Hive Beetle Found In Honey Bee Colonies (PDF 110KB)

Update of the Small Hive Beetle (SHB) Quarantine in Peace River Region, and Bee Health Evolving Issues (PDF 189KB)

Other references

Chart of Possible Varroa Treatments

Management of Honey Bee Diseases and Parasites in 2010
—Pernal, Ibrahim & Melathopoulos: AAFC Beaverlodge Research Farm

Nosema Disease-Diagnosis and Control
—Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists

Nosema Points
—(author unknown)

A Review of Treatment Options for Control of Varroa Mite in New Zealand
—Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand

Formic Acid Fumigator
—University of Florida

Feeding Bees

Fat Bees Skinny Bees
—Australian Government

How to Make your Own Fondant From Scratch

Honey Information

Honey Facts

Maximizing Honey Production spring management
—Wenning – Heart of Illinois Beekeepers’ Association

More about Honey

World’s Sweetest Honey

This is a recording of Ron Miksha’s presentation at the January Banquet and Honey Competition.

Falling Honey Prices

A Study Of The Causes Of Falling Honey Prices In The International Market
—Prof. Norberto L. García


Honey Bee Wintering Losses in Canada (2017)
—Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists

Bill’s Points on Wintered Hive Behavior
—Bill Turner

Biology and Management of Colonies in winter
—CAPA, Beaverlodge, AB

Honey Bees and Winterkill – Medhat
—Dr Medhat Nasr, Alberta Agriculture

Overwintering Russian honeybees
—Villa, Rinderer & Bigalk

The Thermology of Wintering Honey Bee Colonies
—C. Owens

Queens & Nucs

Better Queens by Jay Smith
—Jay Smith

Care and The Installation of Package Bees

Cloake Board Method of Queen Rearing and Banking Sue Cobey
—Sue Cobey

Comparison of Russian-Italian Queens

Foolproof queen intro from George Imirie’s Pink Pages
—George Imiries’ Pink Pages

Introducing Mailed Queens by Bill Turner
—Bill Turner

Introducing Russian Queens

Package Bee Techniques article in Beekeeping News
—Beekeeping News

Web Links

Bill’s Bee Library, A List of Informative & Useful Links

Pest Management

Anti-Varroa Screened bottom Board … in the Province of Quebec
—Chapleau, Jean Pierre: 2002/2003

Chemical-free Beekeeping: Controlling Varroa by Disrupting the Brood Cycle
—Sylvia Feldman, Published June 2011

Tips for Beginners$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex3946

Spring Management

Fall and Winter Management$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex11780

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