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Horticulture: Bees and Trees and Flowers – How you can help the bees

Tips for Making a Bee-Friendly Garden

  • Avoid using pesticides
  • Plant a variety of flower types & shapes
  • Plan for blooms all season
  • Plant native flowers
  • Plant flowers which are white, yellow, blue or purple
  • Plant flowers in clumps
  • Avoid sterile hybridized plants
  • Provide shallow watering areas

How to Help Bees and other Pollinators DOWNLOAD this for more information

Planting Forage for Honey Bees in Canada

A guide for farmers, land managers, and gardeners

This guide was produced by Pollinator Partnership Canada. The guide was commissioned for discussion purposes by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) on behalf of the Bee Health Roundtable, an industry-government forum.

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Floral calendar tool for beekeepers

You can quickly determine which plants are in bloom in your province in any season or subseason, and the value of each blooming plant as nectar or pollen resources for bees.

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