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Rules and Regulations Government of Alberta & Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Alberta Apiculture: Annual Report


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Bees and Bee Equipment

The regulations for bees and equipment in Alberta are outlined in

Bee Act

Bee Regulations

Animal Health Act

PID-Premises Identification account and location numbers

2014 PID Application

Even if you are storing equipment but have no bees, just possessing this equipment is regulated.

In Alberta bees are “livestock” and subject to regulation as other types of livestock, hence the PID and traceability regulations. This applies to hobbyist as well as commercial beekeepers.


The regulations for selling and distributing honey to third parties in Alberta are outlined in two places. Package sizes and labelling standards are regulated.

Alberta Honey regulations:
Honey Grading Regulation

CFIA: Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Food Inspection Agency administers the “Honey Regulations”
Refer to Part II, section 29 for package sizes.

Honey Regulations (CFIA)

Our country went metric way back in 1981. For decades honey has been sold by weight, not volume. The federal honey regulations outline these standard sizes.

If you are moving your honey produced in Alberta to another province or you are moving honey produced in another province to Alberta, the Alberta honey regulations will refer you to the CFIA honey regulations.

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