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Beermann Assembled Hive Set – 6 piece

Bee Prepared Honey Farms
457 Rainbow Falls Way
Chestermere AB

Peter Beermann
(403) 279-9283

This is a quick cost effective way to start or increase your woodenware inventory. Supers and frames are already assembled. No nails or screws required. This is NOT Ikea- style.

Supers are primed and ready to go. Bottom board and Inner covers are oiled. The deep frames are 4.25”, the medium frames 3.75” all are assembled, glued, with plastic foundation.

New this year, is Hive Winter Wraps for two double supers. They have top and bottom entrances for ventilation, extra insulation on top,UV resistant black outside cover. Easy to wrap up and unwrap for occasional feeding. You can see a sample set up at my shop. I used this type of wrap commercially for 30 years with good success.
Special price: $165

Set includes 1 each:

  • Bottom Board, Entrance reducer, Hive Top Feeder, Inner cover and outer telescoping cover.
  • One Deep Super – with 9 frames – new wood frame with plastic foundation.
  • All the woodenware pieces are fully assembled.

$ 165.00
Just add bees and you are on your way.
Extra equipment is available:

  • Deep super painted with 9 frames – $65
  • Medium super painted with 9 frames – $55
  • Hive top feeder – $40
  • Inner cover – $10
  • Telescoping outer cover – $25
  • Bottom board – $35
  • Entrance reducer – $2
  • Queen Excluder – $12
  • Frames-Deep- wood with plastic foundation – $3.75
  • Frames-Medium- wood with plastic foundation – $3.50
  • Plastic foundation – $1.55